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Bamboo towel - The Company Store

My daughter was born with a keen sense of luxury. Her favorite chocolate is Jacques Torres dark. She can taste the subtle differences between various olive oils. She notices when the toilet paper is not Charmin. I'm certain she is meant to be queen someday. With those royal aspirations in mind, my daughter has declared the new Bamboo towel we received from The Company Store the softest towel on earth. It is the only one she'll use and while I might like a turn once in a while, she appreciates it on a level I'm just haven't reached yet. It is remarkably soft for a bath towel, almost baby blanket like in its feel and against your skin it is a dream. And, it is eco-friendly as well. I don't completely understand the details of it - something about bamboo's renewability. All I know is my daughter knows luxury when she feels, tastes, sees it and she loves this towel. For me - well, I'm eyeing that bamboo bathrobe I saw at The Company Store online - after all I have to cultivate my sense of luxury with a future queen for a daughter!