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MLB Power Pros 2008

I've written here about the Wii and how it has changed the tenor of life in our house from sedentary to active even in the tiny 1100 sq feet world we call home. The whole family loves to play Wii Sports - the kids take on dad daily. But the biggest hit in our Wii home is the MLB Power Pros 2008. And the biggest fan is my seven-year-old boy. Just this afternoon, having not played the game for three days he looked at the box and said "I love MLB Power Pros. I can hit so many home runs." He loves the game - constantly asking one of us to "verse" him. He, of course, gets to be the Yankees - always. And he tries to convince his opponent to be one of the worst teams in the league to assure his win. "You can be the Padres," he says with a smile. My daughter answers back - "Oooo, the Padres" (insert eye roll). When he cannot convince someone to play against him, then it is Yankees vs Yankees. But the best thing about MLB Power Pros is that my little boy - who longs some day to grow up and be a pro himself - gets his baseball fix even when he can't run out into a backyard to play. He can read the pitches on MLB Power Pros and hit a few home runs. He can pretend to be his favorite players, he can even analyze a swing and try to strike an opponent out. So, sure while it is not the same thing as living in the suburbs with a lush backyard and space for home runs, at least it's something. And, if you could see the hilarious way he torques his body forward each time he bats - well that provides a little comic relief for the folks, too.