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Votivo Candle--Black Ginger

A few years ago, I was at a fancy French restaurant having dinner with another mom--in theory I know that the atmosphere was gorgeous, the food fantastic, the conversation stimulating...but my biggest memory, the only thing I remember really really well, was the way the bathroom smelled.  I got up to use the bathroom and came back to the table with big eyes: "the bathroom smells great!"  Later she got up to use the bathroom and came back with big what-a-great-smelling-bathroom eyes as well.  Before we left we did some detective work, which just meant that one of us went back in, picked the big candle up off the back of the toilet?  some shelf?  the sink?  (see, another thing I don't remember) and read the name on the bottom.  Votivo Black Ginger.  A few months later she gave me one for a baby shower gift.  I think my favorite thing about it is that it's a very grown-up smell, and doesn't remind me of any part of having a houseful of children, except for the one night at the French restaurant when I escaped all of that.  I also love that, of all the Votivo 'flavors' and 'smells' I never ever would have gravitated towards something called Black Ginger.  What is black ginger anyway?  I'd have gone for something muskier, fruitier, vanilla-ier...  I think I caught wind of it today in a dressing room in Anthropologie.  Maybe not (I didn't investigate--too many people around), but it did send my love of it right back to me. It's a really gorgeous, gorgeous-smelling candle.