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Karito Kids

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had not heard of the Karito Kid dolls until I was invited to a "Mom's Night In" event hosted by Beth Feldman of These dolls make one think immediately of American Girl dolls but instead of coming from some historical time period these girls are from various places around the world. They are contemporary and funky with cute outfits and current story lines. At the party I received Piper, the latest addition to the collection, a surfer girl from Australia. She's cute with long blonde "highlighted hair", board shorts and a cute little summer top. Taller than an American Girl doll, she can stand up on her own. The other unique thing about the Karito Kids is that on the website girls can choose a charity to which Karito Kids will donate money on behalf of the child who has registered. An activation code in the front of the book that comes with the doll gets you in and there are four charities to chose from. My daughter chose to donate to "a safe and secure home" for kids in Honduras. She chose this because she said without a safe home a kid can't really be happy. As my daughter plays games on the site she will earn more points she can donate to charity. For me the dolls are cute and offer a new alternative to the AG dolls that have become such a rite of passage for girls of a certain age and I know my daughter's awareness of history has been raised by reading the books that accompany those dolls. So while Karito Kids are a little more expensive I'm hoping this doll will raise my daughter's awareness about the needs of those less fortunate - so I say more power to Karito and the kids they inspire.