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Dinner Party Savior

This won't be politically correct, I'm sure, but I love the Nintendo DS.  Not so much directly for myself - but for what the DS can do when we - the parents - want to stay late at a dinner party. There's one family of friends, in particular, with whom we love to hang out and stay too late and drink a lot of wine.  They have one daughter - we have a daughter and a son.  Inevitably, the kids start to get tired and cranky.  The girls exclude the boy - arguments and tears ensue.  It can really put a damper on grown-up fun.  Until the day we received a Nintendo DS.  Now, when the hour gets late, but the grown-ups are reluctant to leave, out comes the DS.  Their daughter has one, too.  And the kids take turns "interfacing" with each other on Mario Kart and lo and behold - we can stay another hour.  It has saved the dinner party.  And, saved on babysitters, too!