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Nisska Comb

You only need to have your family of five be infested with lice once to recognize the beauty of the Nisska comb. Technically it took me two infestations to realize that owning one wasn't enough, I have to make sure I bring it with me wherever I go as well. Two winters ago I managed to ignore every single family member's complaints of itchy heads until it was wayyy too late. We were all completely full of lice by the time I put two and two (two thousand and two thousand?) together. I whisked us off in the dead of night to the famous lice lady in Boro Park, and she combed us all out using a Nisska comb (which we were then forced to buy from her as part of the package deal) and gobs and gobs of Pantene conditioner. A few months later a few bugs reappeared when we were at my parents' house. I had neglected to travel with the Nisska comb, and ran from drugstore to drugstore looking for an adequate substitute. I found some ridiculous red-plastic comb with teeth that were so short I could barely reach down to anyone's scalp. I used it and a few other different types of combs and freed us of the bugs and nits that way. But I learned my lesson and my Nisska comb, in it's beautiful green pouch, is never far away from me. If any one of my kids claims itchiness we do a just-in-case comb-out. We haven't had any bugs in eighteen months, despite swarms of them swirling through school community scalps again and again. Keep one close by. If you ever need to do a combout (no chemicals necessary, there's nothing like cleaning the head completely) just pour gobs of Pantene conditioner onto dry hair and start to comb through with the Nisska comb. Swipe every pass of conditioner across a white tissue, check the result. The bugs and nits stand out beautifully against the opaque white goop. Comb, swipe, repeat. Comb, swipe, repeat. It's really not that bad.


**We were just contacted by a company in Brooklyn (Exit15) that sells the Nisska comb. They've offered free shipping to our readers. Follow this link and use the code Nisska15 at check out. Feb. 10, 2009