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Stockmar Crayons

Long before I became an art teacher I fell in love with Stockmar crayons.  I bought some at a Waldorf-school retreat...along with some odd things like bits of colored wool and 'blocks' made from a cut up branch.  Back before I had children I was fascinated with kid stuff; a fact that made everyone think I'd be the best mom.  Too bad for my own kids that that fascination wore off before I brought them into the world.  Good thing these incredible crayons didn't wear away.  I've had the same tin now for almost twenty years.  Stockmar crayons are creamy and rich and so so sturdy.  I haven't tried their beeswax chunks yet, but imagine they'd be pretty spectacular as well.  I don't understand why Crayola hasn't caught on to the idea of the 8 or 16-stick tin yet. We bring our tin everywhere, and love these crayons so much that, get this, we don't even hoard the freebies we get in restaurants anymore.  Invest in some nice watercolor pads or heavyweight construction paper and encourage your child to press as hard as he or she wants to.  These babies are beautiful.