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Malber Washer/Dryer Combo

Everyone who saw my Malber Washer/Dryer combo when we got it in 1998 said that it would only be good for people who do a lot of small loads.  Exactly!  It's exactly what we needed when the kids were babies, and it's exactly what we need now that we have three.  You put the clothes in at night, set the machine to wash and dry (the drying part is optional) and when you wake up in the morning everything is clean and dry.  Perfect.  It doesn't need to be vented --it converts the steam to water and flushes it all away, only needs a hot water hook up, a cold water hook up, and a waste pipe. Same as any sink.  I've heard of people hooking theirs up to their bathtub and letting it drain in there, rather than giving it a permanent hookup like we did.  We bought the biggest warranty we were offered, which cost almost as much as the machine itself...but it's been going strong now for ten years and the warranty has more than paid for itself since the repairman has had to visit about once a year to work out some inevitable kinks (something about it being tricky to combine electricity and water).  Of course we take large-ticket items like quilts and comforters to the laundromat on the corner, but we don't wash those as often.  Is that a bad thing to admit?  It just makes so much sense to me, that as long as a machine can spin to wash, it should be able to spin to dry.  I love it when machines make sense.