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Skin So Soft

My next door neighbor used to be an Avon lady--back when the only way you could get your hands on Avon products was in person.  I'm sure she was a patient and gentle sales-person but for me there was a certain amount of peer pressure, given that she was my best friend's older sister and all of our transactions took place in her teenagery room surrounded by her teenagery things.  So I'm extra grateful for since I can buy bucketfuls of Skin So Soft without having to go through any makeovers or get talked into thinking I'm the kind of person who should smell powdery fresh all the time. It's the only Deet-free thing that's ever kept mosquitoes from eating me alive.  Apparently it was created to be a bath oil, and somewhere down the line someone discovered that it repels mosquitoes.  PERFECTLY.  No icky strong citronella scent, no toxic spray to get in your mouth and eyes, just lots and lots of free-flowing pine-smelling (but pine, in a good way) oil.  I can't imagine trying to get through a summer without it.  Go to and search for Skin So Soft, but don't get distracted by all the various's the Original Scent Bath Oil that works.