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We Love the Wii

Through a fortunate series of circumstances, we received today the Nintendo Wii.  And Wii love it.  After solving a mishap in which pop tart goo ended up on the Wii Sports disk - we are live and playing actively right in our own little living room - and it is little - we live in Manhattan!  But the kids are managing to be physical without jumping all over the furniture or twisting in endless dizzying circles until I take them out to the park.  But here's the big, amazing, awesome thing about the Wii.  He'll hate me saying this but it's gotten my husband off the couch, too.  Not that he's a complete couch potato - but once the kids are in bed, he settles in front of the Yankees and pretty much stays there for the duration.  Granted, he's watching the game on Tivo so he can fast forward but then comes a dvr-ed Jon Stewart or he'll sit with his laptop working.  He might get up for a glass of wine and a snack but mostly he's sitting on the couch.  And then we got the Wii.  Tonight he played golf first.  The physicality of the golf game was subtle but he was standing up, swinging his arm.  Then, he tired of golf and switched to boxing.  It was hilarious!  My couch comfy husband up, punching, ducking, juking and generally going for the knock down.  I think he broke a sweat.  We joked about it - you know - how I got in shape - Wii Boxing!  I think it could happen!