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House Concerts & Marion LoGuidice

Last night I went to a house concert. Maybe you've heard of these, attended one or even hosted one. It is what it sounds like - someone opens their home - in this case a beautiful open loft in SoHo-for people to come listen to a singer. The singer stands there just in front of you with her guitarist. She's belting out these beautiful songs and you are sitting, drinking wine, nibbling on cheese and being carried away by the amazing intimacy of it all. And, in this particular case, we were even able to bring our boy (dear daughter was on a sleep over) and there were plenty of kids - who all played nicely in the next room while the grown-ups had a baby sitter-free night out. So - the house concert thing - totally cool.
But my real recommendation is for this amazing singer: Marion LoGuidice. She's a forty-something mom who sings with a vision and a connection to all things motherhood and woman-centric. The first time I saw her - at Joe's Pub three years ago I was blown away. I felt like she was speaking to me, all the things I was going through as a mom - the guilt - the anxiety - the challenge of trying to be the perfect person to raise my angels and still, somewhere in there, find myself. It was a really moving experience for me. Of course, we bought the CD - Motherwheel - and even my husband loves her - but he's a fan of Dido and Sarah MacLachlan, too, so weigh your hubby's taste first. Nonetheless, Marion's amazing. She has two CDs, now and she's on iTunes. Check out "Mr. Brown" - a heartbreaker and "Every Woman Alive". When you're feeling lost and misunderstood, put Marion on - she'll make you feel like at least someone gets you.